About Ben

You must be ever present in the world, for, through small moments, the world is constantly revealing itself. Walk through the world, regularly, with your pen, brush, or lens, and you will make great art.

In 2011, a blogger Ben followed proposed to her community: Let's all take a photo every day, together, and share them with each other. Ben had been in New York 4 months at this point, and this seemed like a good way to explore his new home. It started by staring out the window, then walking to and from the train. Finally, it became aimless wandering.

This was not the birth of his photography, but the moment he found his eye.

This daily project, known as a "365 Project," is no more than a photo every day for one year. Ben has completed 4 of these, one using only an iPhone camera. Since then, he has been featured in both print and digitally, including: Manhattan Magazine, CNN Style, the Flickr Blog, and others.

Since 2013, Ben has contributed to organizations, most notibally Open House New York (over 100 events) and Untapped Cities (writing and photo contributions). Other organizational contributions include: Indicade EastThe Museum of the Moving Image, Ernst & Young, and The Rainforest Action Network. He has shot album covers for 2 musicians on the Adult Contemporary Top 30.

100 Strangers, another of Ben's projects, works like this: Walk up to a stranger, get their story, and ask to take their picture. 100 times. Both inside and out of this project, Ben has met hundreds of strangers, from Brazilian watchmakers to fashion designers and musicians, as well as War War II photographers.

Rooted in the serenity of nature, Ben's photography has been reimagined by his move to Manhattan.

Additional projects include photographing performers in New York's subway, and his recent focus on photojournalism. When not on the go, Ben resides in Forest Hills, Queens.

Ben in 2019, by Mike Tapp (top) Ben in 2013, Self Portrait (above)