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Roger on Maiden Ln in Downtown Manhattan

(18/100 Strangers)

This all started because Roger asked for some change. I had refused someone last night, and it bothered me, so I gave him a few bucks, and he asked me if I wanted to take a picture.

Of course I did!

Roger had a lot to say. He was continuous, and there's no way I was going to remember this, so after 10 minutes of talking, I told him I wanted to tell the gist of our conversation.

"What do you remember?" "I remember that you shouldn't dismiss authority, or even a gangster, because you can learn something from them."

"When someone has true authority, you should do what they say. Authority may not look like what we've been taught it looks like, but when they have authority, be it of earth, wind, fire, or whatever, do what they say."

Roger had a way of telling things. As we spoke, a well dressed woman skoffed as she rolled her eyes, walking by. But Roger reminded me of the way my Sifu talked. It may not be direct, and may sound a bit like a riddle, but there was always a massive truth hidden within his words.

I know Roger was one of my people, because when we finished, he said "I'm off to buy my comics. If I don't keep up on my comics, I lose touch with reality." (referring to the few bucks I had given him) "You helped me get them."

I have never been so proud for the donation of money in my life. I know a lot of my friends will love this, too.

Thanks Roger. You were really the most fantastic part of my day.

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