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Sara on the Roof of One Times Square

(49/100 Strangers) At the last second, Sara snatched up a free ticket to see the Times Square Ball, which is where I found her.

A Mass Native, she's been spending the past 2 years in NY getting her MBA. After completing her program, she decided to stay on in New York, where she does consulting.

She was taking selfies in front of the New Years Eve Ball when I found her, and was full of energy.

At first, we tried doing several shots in front of the ball, but the light was so bold, you could barely see her. This shot still had to be toned down.

Sara was so much fun to photograph, and we had a great time sharing the experience few get to see, atop on of the most iconic buildings in New York. She kept looking off camera at the ball, which made for a more interesting shot. We both agreed that looking away from the ball was difficult, even as we attempted to leave at the end of the tour.

Thanks Sara, it was so much fun to meet you!

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Taken on November 7, 2013

100 strangers, manhattan, midtown, new years ball, new york, times square

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • 1/160 sec
  • f/4
  • 50mm
  • ISO 4000
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