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Frankie, in Astoria

(55/100 Strangers)

"I'm trying this look now," Frankie told me, referring to his long hair.

Frankie has been back in New York for 4 months to the day, when I met them outside the Kaufman Astoria Studios, on the edge of Astoria and Long Island City.

He is an actor, and moved back from Florida. "I lived in New York in the 70's. It was very different then."

Frankie is a character actor, and during that time, played parts in movies such as Taxi Driver and Saturday Night Fever.

He finds himself talking to a lot of strangers, including me. "Here in New York, when you talk to people, they look at you funny, like 'What do you want from me.' But that's a whole other discussion."

After leaving New York, he spent 20 years working on a cruise ship. In some cases, even there, people had a muted version of the same reaction when Frankie would start talking to them, "but they saw the cruise director uniform, and [it all made sense]."

Now Frankie is back here. He lives in Manhattan, and is trying out parts. I asked him how stressful it is trying for parts where an inch or 10 pounds makes a difference.

"It's stressful, but it doesn't bother me [like it used to]. I even tried out for a dead body, but I guess they wanted someone bigger."

I'm not sure if he was kidding, but he offered some real insight, and it was fascinating talking to him. He showed me a few of his character looks for a part he was trying out for. He was warm, funny and had a lot to say. Talking with him was definitely the best part of my day. Thanks for taking the time, Frankie, and good luck in your next audition!


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