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365 Project -- 209 - Storm

365 Photo Project — Day 209, July 26th 2012. Man. I was in the office late today. All day we heard rumours of bad weather headed our way. People were calling around to make sure all our windows were closed, and I was looking forward to some rain. Yet we made it through the day, no tornadoes, no real rain. Until about 7:30. These death clouds just came rolling in, and I started to wonder if I made a mistake staying at work.

This is one of the few times I wished for a better camera. My iPhone takes a wider shot, and it was the closest I could come to really capturing the shot. Instead, I went for just a small piece around one of the Trump Towers. This wasn't even the worst looking cloud. You should have seen them roll in.

After I left, I wandered toward the subway before doubling back. I walked up 3rd Ave, from 42nd to 59th, skipping my ride on the 6, and hopped right on the R. On my way, I added another stranger to my 100 Strangers Project, and got some good street shots. I also soaked myself, although I'm not complaining: I kind of love getting caught in the rain. I always thought that was a dumb line from those dating shows, but here I am.

More storms, please.

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Taken on July 26, 2012

  • Canon EOS 20D
  • 1/50 sec
  • f/4
  • 50mm
  • ISO 400
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