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365 Project -- 138 - Study Hall

365 Day Photo Project — Day 138, May 16th, 2012.

Get it?!

-_- I didn't wanna go to the Park today, so of course I guilted myself into it. And of course I felt better once I got there. I took a few pictures, but none of them really came out as well as I had hoped. As I'm about to enter the 6 Line to go home, I saw this girl in the window; The one on the left, not the right. I snapped a shot, and wanted to make her the subject, but didn't wanna crop too closely. After looking at it, I like it this way. I messed with overexposing the photo, so it would have a bit of a dreamy nature to it. I also lowered the clarity. I reget nothing. XD

Oh, and I listened to a lot of M Ward tonight, which no doubt influenced my editing decisions.

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Taken on May 16, 2012

  • Canon EOS 20D
  • 1/100 sec
  • f/3.2
  • 70mm
  • ISO 100
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