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Jimmy, on Park Ave

(61/100 Strangers) Jimmy has a corner, and he knows everything about it. People know him as different things, but he has a positive, outgoing attitude towards people, and is always trying to make them smile.

When we met, we spoke at length on race, the political climate, and it's micic of the past. He even gave me a history lesson, caught me up on the local news in the city council, Harlem, etc.

While we were there, a family from Salt Lake stopped to share their food with him, and he held their hand through it all. After they left, he said there are a lot of racist people where they come from, and their father was engaging him in order to teach his daughters not to perpetuate racism.

His insight into the topic was very interesting, and very sharp. We spoke until my feet froze through, for at least a half hour - 45 mins. I made a mental note to try and visit him again.

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Taken on February 11, 2019

ben helmer photography

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